Acharya Intensive

with Devarshi Steven Hartman, Jovinna Chan and the Acharya Family

“In India, those who teach kindergarten through college are called teachers. But one who has great love, who has attained a higher level of knowledge through practice, and who teaches others through his or her own life, is called an “acharya,” or spiritual teacher.”
– Swami Kripalu

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Bearers of light in a sometimes dark and hungry world, acharyas are, in Swami Kripalu’s words, those who have great love. Their lives, relationships, and service–the joys and challenges that emerge within them — are lived as part of their soul’s evolution. With dedication to God-realization, they encounter tapascharya, the transformational fire of growth, as required for a teacher of love. This intensive training is dedicated to the support and advancement of those willing to know themselves as acharyas– light-bearers and wisdom carriers in our world.

This 12-month program, the Acharya Intensive includes over 175 contact hours of training, coaching and mentoring: Three 5-day intensive workshops, and a minimum of ten hours of personal coaching and many virtual small group mentoring sessions. Twelve participants will be selected from an application/interview process assessing applicants’ fervor for the path of growth, ardent self-examination, willingness to commit to a yearlong daily practice, (co-crafted, mentored by Devarshi, Jovinna and the Acharya Family), and a seva (service) project intended to expand the acharya’s reach and wisdom in the world.


Using the psycho-spiritual science of yoga, the template of the koshas (the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies), gestalt, ritual, video practice teach, spiritual study of the scriptures, the core teachings on the practice of love of Swami Kripalu, and more, participants will enter inner realms of deep healing and outer expressions of personal brilliance and gifts. Beliefs and patterns that have limited self-expression, self-love, relationships, attunement to Source, and confident teaching will be explored. Mentoring, homework, sadhana (spiritual practices) and service projects will integrate these healings. As described in the ancient texts of yoga, our group of twelve will be a 12-person “ashram”, providing a powerful vortex for insight, feedback, support, cheerleading, spiritual practice, attunement and life-changing sangha (community).

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion, and in yogic tradition, will be given the option of a Sanskrit name initiation marking their identity as– Acharya, Bearer of Light.