Body Art Movement – Jovinna and Denise, Abandon Window

Body Art Movement are series of 3-6min clip of videos of improv dance by non professional dancers.
The project was first conceived on July 30th, 2015 at Esalen Institute with Randy Miller, my dear friend. We both were assisting our teacher Zuza Engler at a Soul Motion workshop. Randy and I have known each other since 2010 and we both love to dance. Our hope is to inspire you to make art using the movements of your body and to experience the magical and healing power of your creativity. All the videos are made in raw, and improv style. The dancers are given a theme and then bam we go! This particular way of moving together enhance our listening skill to each other and to space. Enjoy!
5min 05sec
Theme: Shapes shifting
Music: Abandon Window by Jon Hopkins
Dancers: Jovinna Chan and Denise Grandjean
Denise and I met at Ulpotha in Sri Lanka early November. I was teaching Yoga and Conscious Dance there and Denise was one of the guests. We had lots of fun together. It was raining when the video was shot. Thank you Denise, thank you for playing with me!
This video is dedicated to Suzi, Phoebe, Siobain, Carine, Denise, Lara, Alice, Mary Byrd, Agnieszka, Oliver, Claire, Paige, Hedwig, Marcia, PJ, Giles, Viren, and all Ulpotha Staff. You have enriched my time in Ulpotha.
A well-respected teacher of yoga, conscious dance, and self-expression, Jovinna radiates a contagious quality of aliveness – in both movement and stillness – that students find liberating. In the many workshops and trainings she leads worldwide, she creates sacred space for deep joy and transformational experiences.
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