Body Art Movement ~ Maine Fort Popham Duet with Surya and Jovinna

Theme: Shape Shifting

5 min 9 sec
Music: Om Ahh Hum by Jane Winther
Dancers: Surya Lucy Karnani & Jovinna
About Surya Lucy Karnani
Surya Lucy, a Yoga Teacher and trainer, brings over 25 years of experience training and consulting in the field of person-to-person communication. After many years in the corporate sector she has focussed her professional endeavors (and personal journey) to the study and teaching of the countless gifts yoga has to offer, as a way of life. She has studied extensively in both Australia and the USA and feels very grateful to be able to share the wisdom and experience she has received from many gifted teachers. She now resides in Sydney Australia.
About Jovinna
A well-respected teacher of yoga, conscious dance, and self-expression, Jovinna radiates a contagious quality of aliveness – in both movement and stillness – that students find liberating. In the many workshops and trainings she leads worldwide, she creates sacred space for deep joy and transformational experiences.

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