Body Art Movement ~ Tribute to the Four Corners of Padang Padang, Bali

I have been in Padang Padang, the southern peninsula of Bali for a week relaxing and frolicking in several of the stunning beaches here with my beloved Lance.

Today is April 5th, the last morning before we fly back to Singapore. Where we have been staying, there is roof top where I can practice movements in the morning.

I love practicing outdoors as I am never alone. I love the sound of the wind, birds, insects, roosters, chickens, and the neighbors going about their lives. In this video, I was inspired to acknowledge the four corners of the land. I was planning to edit the background sound, but decided to keep the sound as it is because I love the surprise crow of the rooster in the background. He puts a smile on my face. I hope this video will inspire you to move your body to the land you live on. Enjoy!
5 min 14sec
Music: South by Sleeping At Last
Dancer: Jovinna

A well-respected teacher of yoga, conscious dance, and self-expression, Jovinna radiates a contagious quality of aliveness – in both movement and stillness – that students find liberating. In the many workshops and trainings she leads worldwide, she creates sacred space for deep joy and transformational experiences.

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