Community Of Teachers

They have influenced,
and inspired me

to be the person
and teacher I am today.

Here’s a community of incredibly loving human beings, who have known me for years through working or teaching together. I hope they can also be a source of your inspiration in your journey. Together they have created a sangha for me to take refuge.



  • Brahmani Liebman and Jashoda Edmunds

    I met this dynamic duo together eight years ago and since then I am continuously inspired by their love and compassion. They teach yoga and lead a yearly retreat in Mexico.

  • Devarshi Steven Hartman

    His love and support for me has been astounding. His energy is like Ganesha, the Hindhu deity thats represents wisdom and has the ability to remove obstacles. He is the co-founder of Pranotthan School of Yoga, and leads transformational workshops.

  • Don and Amba Stapleton

    They teach me to believe in my own unique expression of yoga and to relax into myself. They own the amazing Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.

  • Grace Jull

    Her words are like a box of silky divine dark chocolate that are filled with surprising flavors and incredible wonders. You will be transformed while listening to her speak. She is the co-founder of Shakti Initiation.

  • Jonathan Foust

    An incredible and generous transformational teacher whose wisdom and humor are simply a sublime gift to any student.

  • Jurian Hughes

    My Soul Sister whom I’ve journey for years on this spiritual path. She is funny, kind and owns a powerful voice of authenticity. She teaches yoga, dance, self-expression.

  • Megha Nancy Buttenheim

    She is my mama bear. A woman of so much compassion and she has an incredible energy to move and shake! She is the founder of LetYourDance.

  • Priti Robyn Ross

    A Goddess of knowledge and love. She wears her heart wide open. She is the co-founder of Pranotthan School of Yoga.

  • Rudy Peirce

    A gentle, and wise soul. I have received so much kindness and support from Rudy. He teaches Yoga Teacher trainings and specializes in Gentle Yoga.

  • Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

    A sweet yummy ma-ma earth of delight and I always melt in her presence. She teaches yoga, restorative yoga and is a healer.

  • Vidya Carolyn Dell’uomo

    She is my beloved Mentor for eight years. Vidya passed away in May 2015 and left behind a legacy of tenacity and devotional love.

  • Vinn Arjuna Marti

    He moved my soul eight years ago and taught me to dance and move in space with freedom and awe. He is the founder of Soul Motion™ practice and a master of words and silence.

  • Zuza & Scott Engler

    She is my mountain lion ma-ma! My teachings and healing journey have been greatly inspired by her. I am constantly reminded by her love, and fearlessness to live with no apology.