Fully Alive: Unveil Yourself through Mindfulness, Yoga and Conscious Dance

May 20 - May 25
All Day

Esalen Institute,
55000 Highway 1,
Big Sur, CA 93920

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a 5 Day Retreat in May 2018

In this experiential program, cultivate your authentic self through the transformative practices of yoga and free-form movement. If you’re feeling stuck, if you’re ready to pursue your calling, or if you simply love yoga and dance, this program invites you to come alive. Through conscious movement, build the courage to listen to your inner calling. Once you experience the physical and felt sense of being in alignment – breath flowing, body free, full engagement – you can draw on this embodied knowing to discern your passions and dharma. Return home with simple principles drawn from yoga and Soul Motion™ to transform your everyday life. No experience required. Please bring a journal.

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