Goddess Series II at Padang Padang, Bali

I have created a few yoga series inspired by the Goddess Pose. Here is the Second one.

Following is the list of poses that made up this series. You will see I didn’t include any specific alignment principles. If you are not familiar with any of the poses, I suggest you practice the new pose on its own first, before following the sequence.

Flow smoothly and slowly from one pose to another, and coordinate your breath with movement. If you are new to yoga, listen to your body and be mindful of your knees, hips and shoulder joints in Goddess, Side Lunges, Yoga Mudra.

In forward fold, if you find yourself rounding your lower back, try bending your knees to create space for your lower back to be elongated. Enjoy!

Goddess Series II
Begin with feet slightly wider than hip width apart.
Three rounds of Sun Breaths (inhale arms up and exhale arms down).
Step out into Five Pointed Star.
Descend to Goddess.
Hinge from hips, fold forward, feet parallel.
Hands hold ankles or place on floor or on block.
Gently shift hips side to side into Side Lunges. Two rounds.
Wide-legged Yoga Mudra (hold a yoga strap if interlacing your hands are challenging).
Lift torso half way and bow forward again(keep spine elongated as you hinge forward from hips, engage your core). Two rounds.

Note: As you move through this, keep knees slightly bent so there is more space around lumbar spine to keep lower back extended. With knees slightly bent, engage core, inhale up, turn feet out to Five Pointed Star.

Sustain in Five Pointed Star for a few breaths. Lift chest.
Exhale to Goddess.
Flow back and forth from Five Pointed Star to Goddess. Three rounds.
Lateral stretches in Goddess (keep legs stable, and spine long). Two sets.
Back to Goddess and hands in *Bhairava Mudra.
Inhale bring Bhairava Mudra to shoulder height.
Open arms to T-position.
Reach arms up to sky in **Jnana Mudra.
Rise to Five Pointed Star.
Three rounds of Sun Breaths.
Hands to Anjali Mudra, feet slightly wider than hip width apart.

*Bhairava Mudra is made with placing the back of the right hand onto the open palm of the left hand. This mudra is a gesture of Shiva’s fearsome aspect and is for experiencing unity.

**Jnana Mudra is made with touching the tips of the index fingers to the tips of the thumbs, thereby creating a circle and extending the rest of the fingers straight out. Jnana Mudra is a gesture of higher knowledge and for awakening clear seeing.

Note: For both Mudras, I’m quoting from the book “Mudra” by Joseph and Lilian Le Page. An amazing resource if you wish to learn more about Mudras.
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