“Remember to always help others.  Even a dollar can make a difference.” ~ My Mom.
A couple of weeks before my mother passed away in November 13, 2013, while we were both lying on her bed, she said to me,  “Remember to always help others.  Even a dollar can make a difference.” Her words became the mantra in my heart.
Helping others, or Selfless Service, has been one of my most rewarding experiences living and working at Kripalu Yoga Center from 2007 to 2014.  As a community, Selfless service or Seva, was regarded as a form of spiritual practice for our growth and evolution. Seva is a sanskrit word and it means selfless service that uplifts humanity without expecting reward or personal benefit.
The heart of Seva brings out in the givers and the receivers compassion, creativity, love and connection. It is through selfless service that I appreciate and understand two powerful teachings: “Renounce the fruit of your actions” and “Sanatana Dharma” which means the World is one Family. 
In honor of my mother, I offer the following Seva for 2017.

Here’s my 2017 Seva project:
Shakti Rising: Make Space for your Inner Boddhisattva, Priestess, Goddess, and Warrior
A 3-part conversation to support the Rise and the Full Expression of Feminine Values and Principles in our community, society, and world leadership.
Here how it works:
1. There will be three conference calls in the month of May 2017 and the dates will be announced at the end of March.
2. A theme/topic will be discussed in each call. Calls will be recorded.
3. Email if you are interested to join the conference call and I will send you the conference call number and dates by the end of March.
4. These Calls are for free however if you like to donate, your donation will go to organizations that help women and young girls in Education and Leadership Opportunities.