Simple Flow with Balancing Posture at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, CA

Simple Flow with Balancing Posture at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, CA
Begin in Tadasana, Mountain Pose Inhale Sun Breath arms to sky Exhale hands to heart, Anjali Mudra Repeat one more set.
Third time: Inhale Sun Breath arms to sky.

Exhale hands to heart and bend knees to Utkatasana, Standing Squat.
Alignment suggestions: Keep torso long, engage core, balance weight between knees and hips so that you can see some of your toes when you look down.
Inhale extend arms above.
Exhale shift weight to your left foot.
Inhale lift right foot off.
Exhale hands to heart in Anjali mudra, extend right heel towards back as you hinge at your hips to Warrior III.
Sustain balance, make any micro movements to keep your balance, press back knee up to sky.
Inhale extend crown and flex back foot to opposite directions.
Exhale begin to bend the back knee as you slowly draw right knee forward, then place foot back on floor
Inhale arms up to sky.
Exhale bring arms behind and interlace arms to Yoga Mudra (modification: bend both elbows and hold on the writs with opposite hands).
Inhale draw shoulder blades down, lifting heart and sternum.
Exhale hinging at hips, bow forward, knees bend, rest belly and chest towards thighs.
Increase shoulders stretch by lifting interlaced arms up and down towards the ground.
Inhale straighten both legs.
Exhale Uttanasana, forward fold.
Inhale bend both knees.
Exhale raise torso and arms up back to Utkatasana, Standing Squat.
Inhale arms up to sky, shift weight to the right foot.
And repeat the other side.
End with Inhale arms up and exhale back to Tadasana, Mountain Pose.