Simple Knee Down Vinyasa Flow

This simple and short vinyasa flow moves from Child pose to a gentle Updog as you co-ordinate your breath with each movement.  I also added a movement where your feet will be tucked under as you press back to child pose to give a stretch to the souls of your feet.  If that is causing any pain or extreme discomfort, please place your feet flat.  

Below is the basic instruction for this flow:

  • Begin with hands and knees in table position.
  • Inhale tuck feet under 
  • Exhale press hips back to heels into Child pose
  • Inhale rise back to table position
  • Exhale keep spine long as you lean forward
  • Press sternum to front of mat and lift heart to sky into a gentle Updog
  • Inhale back to table position
  • And repeat flow

PS.  When you are in gentle Updog, align your shoulders over wrists and slide shoulder blades down.