Simple Sun Salutation at The Great Wall of China

Begin in Tadasana, Mountain Pose

Inhale Sun Breath arms to sky

Exhale Swan Dive to Uttanasana, Forward Fold

Inhale to Ardha Uttanasana, Jack Knife

Exhale back to Uttanasana, Forward Fold

Inhale bend both knees

Exhale extend right leg back to lunge

Inhale Virabhadrasana, Warrior in crescent moon lunge, arms steeple position

Exhale bow forward, hinging at hips

Inhale step front foot back

Exhale Adho Mukha Svanasana, Downward Facing Dog

Inhale shift shoulders and hips forward to Plank (shoulders over wrists)

Exhale lean forward then bend elbows and lower to Chaturanga (yoga push-up)

Inhale draw heart forward

Exhale to Updow

Inhale lift hips up

Exhale back to Adho Mukha Svanasana, Downward Facing Dog

Inhale extend right leg up to sky Three-legged Dog

Exhale place right foot forward and then step left foot forward

Inhale bend both knees to stand up, hands steeple position

Exhale a slight back bend

Inhale center

Exhale hands to heart.

And now practice the LEFT side with Sean Ren, a yoga teacher at YogaYard, Beijing, China 

See if you can notice some slight variations in his flow.  Have fun!!! And Enjoy the beauty of the Great Wall.