Yoga with Surya and Jovinna in Sydney, Australia

This Video was made last month when I went to visit a dear friend Surya Lucy Karnarni who lives in Sydney Australia.
Begin in Tadasana
Sun Breath three rounds
Exhale Swan Dive Forward Fold, Uttanasana
Inhale Rise to Half Forward Fold, Ardha Uttanasana
Exhale back to Forward Fold, Uttanasana
Inhale Rise to Standing Chair, Utkatasana
Exhale interlace hands behind back (hold a yoga strap if interlacing your hands is challenging)
Inhale lift chest
Exhale hinge forward to Standing Yoga Mudra
Sustain in Yoga Mudra (with each exhale, relax the chest and reach shoulders towards sky as you extend arms towards the front for deeper stretch)
Inhale back to Standing Squat, Utkatasana
Inhale to standing, hands into Steeple position
Exhale Half Moon to Right, Ardha Chandrasana
Inhale Center
Exhale Half Moon to Left, Ardha Chandrasana
Inhale Center
Exhale a slight Back Bend
Inhale Center
Exhale Hands to heart in Anjali position
Inhale Get Ready, Exhale J U M P !!!!

A well-respected teacher of yoga, conscious dance, and self-expression, Jovinna radiates a contagious quality of aliveness – in both movement and stillness – that students find liberating. In the many workshops and trainings she leads worldwide, she creates sacred space for deep joy and transformational experiences.
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