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Thank you for choosing to practice with me. Most of these videos are recorded live via Zoom on my outdoor deck by the Pacific Ocean. Even though the videos are not of high quality, the sound is great and the teaching is valuable. The title of each video captures the essence of what is offered for comtemplation in class. Feel free to make any adjustments during practice to honor your needs. May these videos support your home practice and bring forth tranquility in you heart and soul. Namaste. Jai Bhagwan.


Pranayama Practice with Jovinna

The class focused on four breath practices: Dirgha (3-Part Breath), Ujjayi (Ocean Sounding Breath), Kapalabhati (Skull Polishing Breath), and Nadi Shodhana (Channel Purifying Breath). Prior experience in pranayama is recommended.

This class was filmed for my workshop Sadhana of Love in 2020.


Yoga with Jovinna - Attend to Yourself with Kindness

"Something deep in the human soul seems to depend on the presence of kindness." ~ John O'Donohue.
Contemplate on kindness and attend to yourself with kindness.
This class was first taught online via Zoom on Aug 27, 2021.
Gentle/Moderate Level


Yoga with Jovinna - The Fabric of Silence

“The discipline of silence is essential on the Path.” ~ The Yoga of Discipline.
Listen to the silence of your heart and mind as you dive into practice.
This class was first taught online via Zoom on June 21, 2021.
Moderate Level


What is Life?

What is Love?

What is Movement?

What is Spirituality?