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Integration From the Core: Embodiment through Yoga, Dance, and Sound Meditation

How are you doing?

Most likely, you have been challenged and altered in many ways during the past two years — an unparalleled time that has offered us all a moment to stop and reconsider our lives.

According to the yogic study of the koshas, we have five multi-dimensional layers of being: body, breath, mind, consciousness, and soul. When all five layers are aligned, we can experience powerful transformation and integration. This five-day retreat is an
invitation to come together as a community to integrate our experiences in all five layers of the self.

Drawing on the embodied practices of yoga, pranayama (breath practice), sound meditation, and conscious dance, we reconnect our bodies and minds this week, digest our feelings and emotions, and open ourselves to the wisdom of our hearts. Most of all, we expand our vision to include a bigger perspective on the suffering of the world.

We greet each day with morning yoga and breath practices, followed by dance, and then close with sound meditation and discussion in the afternoon.

The practices we cultivate this week help you:

  • Listen deeply to the questions foremost in your heart
  • Revive a sluggish nervous system
  • Release fear, inhibition, and judgment
  • Build confidence and creativity
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Expand trust in yourself
  • Celebrate your strength and resilience

The physiological and psycho-social benefits of these embodiment practices that serve you during the retreat will continue guiding you into the future. Allow yourself to be nourished by this sacred land and hot spring waters, the healing and energizing practices we share together, and the friends you make, so you may return home rejuvenated and eager to continue walking your life path.

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Photo credit: Simon Migaj on unsplash

Integration From the Core: Embodiment through Yoga, Dance, and Sound Meditation

September 5-9, 2022
Location: Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA