Sangha of Love

Sadhana of Love

The flowering of love is meditation.” ~ J. Krishnamurti

“Do you know how to love?”

Dr. Satya Narayana Dasia, a renowned yoga master, asked the class sometime in 2008 at Kripalu Center, where I attended his dharma talk on the practice of Love.

Hearing his question was a light bulb moment for me. I realized that on the path of Self Realization it is important and necessary to keep asking questions.

Asking questions and contemplating them has helped to turn my mind around and look at the same thing from as many different points of view as possible.

So, what is Love?

I have asked this question over and over again at different times of my life. It seems like the more I ask, the less I know. The Sadhana (spiritual practice) of Love has been a dear subject in my heart.

Over the years, my yoga practice has been motivated largely by Love; Love for oneself and all others. I say this largely because in the beginning my motive to practice was despair.

When my motive shifted to Love, my practice shifted too.

At this time of great change and unknown, I feel the urgency to dive deeper into the teachings of Love with a committed, core group of people.

Through our study, may we gain wisdom and inspiration, muster our courage to look closer at where we misplace our trust in Love and our mistaken views on Love.

And may our personal yoga practice flower and bear fruit that will uplift and support the necessary changes of the world and calm its raging seas.

This program is a sacred space for study and for weaving a sangha (community of Truth seekers) together using the subject of Love as the thread.

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The Sadhana of Love 5.0

An online program via Zoom

Session #1

October 22th, 2022

Session #2

October 29, 2022

Session #3

November 5, 2022


Recommended Reading: Love Letter to the Earth by Thích Nhất Hạnh

Cost: $108

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