Women Rooted In Sadhana

Our practice is life-giving

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“When comes to men and women, there are not that many differences. But if a woman develops the mind of enlightenment, her potential is supreme.” ~ Padmasambhava, Pioneer of Tibetan Buddhism

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I used to speed up or escape doing mundane house chores—like cooking, doing dishes, washing clothes, vacuuming, taking care of family—so I could go practice.

I wanted to be a nun with no responsibility to anyone or anything except my meditation cushion and yoga mat.

But I’m not a nun.

I am a householder, and I turn everything about my life into Sadhana.

For people in a woman’s body, our Sadhana needs to reflect and celebrate the extraordinary changes we go through with menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood, peri-menopause, and menopause.

This program is for all women of all ages who share a sincere curiosity and an unstoppable longing to touch and be touched by the Divine presence. This program is for women who will do everything and anything to rip off any protective gear to come close, raw and naked, unabashed, and sit at her lotus feet.

Women Rooted in Sadhana

This program centers self study, contemplation, devotion, discipline, and personal practice toward deep intimacy with Self and the Divine.

Four committed series via Zoom, once a month for 2 hours (includes a short practice). Additional study material is available via an accompanying eCourse.

Time: 8am-10am PACIFIC
If you can’t attend the live sessions, no worries, all sessions will be recorded.

Session 1: Sunday June 27, 2021
Create the conditions for practice.

Session 2: Sunday July 25, 2021
Fall in love with devotion and discipline.

Session 3: August 29, 2021
Reclaim your sovereignty.

Session 4: September 19, 2021
Lean into each other

Cost: $250 (Scholarships available)

A percentage of the proceeds go to INDIA’S COVID-19 CRISIS CHILDREN’S RELIEF FUND organized by savethechildren.org

Wild Beauty: I am that I am

Women Rooted in Sadhana 7-night Retreat in Santa Catalina, Panama
Jan 29 – Feb 5, 2022

It takes courage and determination to stay in our Sadhana because waking the Sacred Fearless Divine is not for the faint-hearted. Women in their sovereignty are the game changer in this new paradigm shift, and Women’s Wisdom shall weave the divides within us. This winter retreat is for forging our heart of determination and celebrating the healing power of our sensuality. We will practice, dance, eat, laugh, nap, walk, share, conjure, dream, and love during our time together.

Let’s uplift each other, share our aspirations, and actualize the potential in us.


Online Pranotthan 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Immersion

A fusion of two groups of practitioners: I only want to deepen my practice. I want to deepen my practice and I also want to teach.


The Sadhana of Love

Do you know how to love?


Wild Beauty: I am that I am

Women Rooted in Sadhana
7-night Retreat in Santa Catalina, Panama