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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” –Anais Nin

I am Jovinna, a seeker on the path of Love.  I left my country, Singapore, in January 1993 to pursue a college education in Shreveport, Louisiana. My intention was to complete college and return to Singapore ready to settle into a life of security, stability and prosperity.   Little did I know, this first step of leaving my country was the beginning of a transformative pilgrimage that taught me what it means to be human and to live a life of love.  In the last twenty years, I have dreamed, I have conformed, I have struggled, I have failed, I have cried, I have feared, I have lost my way and the list goes on… I now look back at all the challenges in my life with gratitude for they have nurtured and prepared me to be the teacher and human I am today. It was the challenges, failures and tears that taught me the true meaning of love.

photo by Jane Feldman

In recent years, the sadhana (practice) of love has become an important theme in my life.  Love is my nourishment.  It is the sustenance on which I live and breathe.  Love is a practice.  Like any skills, we get better at what we choose to practice.  As a teacher, I’m dedicated to help my students to have a direct experience of love for oneself and others.  Also, I am interested in helping students wake up to the Now and to increase their self-awareness.  Life is passing at an unstoppable speed. There is no time but the present to embrace life and ignite the fire of love that is in each of us.  I use dance and yoga as vehicles to experience love in the present moment.  Come join me and let’s explore this wild and beautiful existence together!