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Community Of Teachers

Here’s a community of incredibly loving human beings, who have known me for years through working or teaching together.   Together they have created a sangha for me to take refuge.  They have influenced, and inspired me to be the person and teacher I am today.  I hope they can also be a source of your inspiration in your journey. 

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Live, Learn and Practice

Goddess Series III at Padang Padang, Bali

I have created a few yoga series inspired by the Goddess Pose.   Here is the third and final one. Following is the list of poses that made up this series. Flow smoothly and slowly from one pose to another, and coordinate your breath with movement.
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Yoga with Surya and Jovinna in Sydney, Australia

This Video was made last month when I went to visit a dear friend Surya Lucy Karnarni who lives in Sydney Australia.
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