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Community Of Teachers

Here’s a community of incredibly loving human beings, who have known me for years through working or teaching together.   Together they have created a sangha for me to take refuge.  They have influenced, and inspired me to be the person and teacher I am today.  I hope they can also be a source of your inspiration in your journey. 

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Live, Learn and Practice

Slow Down Sun Salutation in Singapore

This is a slow down version of a Sun Salutation that builds strength in the legs, and moves the spine into forward extension, backbends, lateral bends and twists. Throughout the flow you will be challenged to sustain in one position for a few breaths before you transition to another. Take your time with this flow. It will build your stamina in your attention span, your breath and physical body.   Each time you arrive in one posture, expand your awareness and your breath
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Travel to Love, Laugh, and to Live Again

These photos were taken during my first trip to Japan last April. It was a first for many things.   First time visiting Japan. First time teaching in Japan. First time traveling with my my brother, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin and my aunt’s friend. First time traveling in a group of seven. First time traveling with Lance, my beloved together with my family. First time traveling in a country for a month.       It was also the first time I spent so much time
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