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Community Of Teachers

Here’s a community of incredibly loving human beings, who have known me for years through working or teaching together.   Together they have created a sangha for me to take refuge.  They have influenced, and inspired me to be the person and teacher I am today.  I hope they can also be a source of your inspiration in your journey. 

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Live, Learn and Practice

Simple Sun Salutation to Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

This video was recorded in the morning at a park next to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain. I was standing on a ledge by a pond…really tested by balance.:) You won’t be able to see my body when I’m in Updog, sorry about that. Begin in Tadasana, Mountain Pose Inhale Sun Breath arms to sky, in Steeple Position Exhale back bend. Inhale Center. Exhale Ardha Chandrasana, Lateral Stretch to the right. Inhale Center. Exhale Ardha Chandrasana, Lateral Stretch to the left. Inhale Center. Exhale S
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Body Art Movement ~ Jovinna & Grace, giorni

Another in a series of 3-6min clip of videos of improv dance by non professional dancers. The project was first conceived on July 30th, 2015 at Esalen Institute with Randy Miller, my dear friend. We both were assisting our teacher Zuza Engler at a Soul Motion workshop. Randy and I have known each other since 2010 and we both love to dance. Our hope is to inspire you to make art using the movements of your body and to experience the magical and healing ...
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