Fierce Living

Fierce Living

A Short Reflection During Sabbatical

Another day has dawn. And here I am one day older and I am one day closer to Death. Life continues to dance into being and Death continues to open her arms and welcome what needs to come her way. Life and Death go together, side by side. Just like both sides of the coin. They have never ever gone anywhere without one another. If you want to hold a coin in your palm, you will have to hold both sides.

The day dawns and sets. How do I show up for this day? How do I live so that I don’t squander away the preciousness of every moment? Every moment is like Gold, so valuable and so precious. How can I live in such a way that my living demonstrates my true understanding and appreciation for each moment?

If everything I do is indeed sacred. And if every word I utter is a sacred sound. How do I live with such keen alertness and remembrance that nothing, absolutely nothing is being taken for granted in each moment? This to me is a very fierce way of living. I don’t know if it is possible. But Nelson Mandela did say: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Many Blessings,