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Whether we've met or not. May all blessings await you as you navigate this site for information or inspiration. May your time spent on this site be refreshing and fulfilling. And may you walk away feeling empowered and assured that your personal practice and quest for truth are two strong oars that will paddle you home.


"Jovinna is Magic

It is her deep love and understanding of truth, and expression, and compassion, that creates the safest of places where we can (and do) show our truest selves to each other. it is from this place of glory where we all become magic too."
~ Leslie Nuchow










Jonathan Foust

A Founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute of Washington DC

"A good teacher shows you new possibilities. A great teacher lights up your body, heart and mind and opens you to a deep appreciation of the mystery of your journey. Spend time with Jovinna Chan and you get the works."


Jeff Costa

International Fitness Presenter, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Cofounder of SANGHA, a yoga community, New Bedford, MA

"Jovinna’s workshops create a sacred space through poetry, music, yoga, meditation and dance in which love dissolves all boundaries and limitations, and participants rise in joy and awakening with a wealth of healing transformation. With rare insight and doubly rare inspiration, Jovinna Chan walks you through the fire."


Khole Alice Lin

“Our true nature takes center stage.”

“In dancing with Jovinna, I feel her presence embracing us in the form of a safe and sacred space. She dissolves and our true nature takes center stage.”


Susan Marruffo

Founder of Samarasa Center

"It’s been very rare for me in my life to come across a person that I implicitly trust to guide, lead and direct me. Jovinna is one of them. After years of being mentored by her as an intern at Kripalu and beyond, I have observed that her entire life is dedicated to practicing compassion, consciousness and surrendering to Spirit. She has taught me how to skillfully marry my path with practicality. Jovinna has changed my life with her mentorship - in the way that most great leaders change lives - by being the example."


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