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I offer weekly yoga and dance classes in-person at Esalen Institute and live via Zoom.

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In my class you can expect to: contemplate spiritual/philosophical teachings; slow down the breath and taste the presence of stillness and silence; move mindfully; co-ordinate breath with movement; sustain poses to deepen focus and awareness; practice breathing exercises and meditation to hone skillfulness in listening to the inner subtle experiences; become intimate with Self.

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"I am not interested in how people move, but in what moves them." ~ Pina Bausch.

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Soul Movement Sanctuary:

A Conscious Dance Practice

Dance is life in motion. It is a language that allows the inner world to express in space. In the dance field, the human and the divine meet. Soul Movement Sanctuary is a sangha of people who love or are curious about movement. Here in the company of non-dancers and dancers, movers and shakers, we get supple and strong, we explore expressions, we celebrate creativity, we expand empathy, we move and are moved. We dance the embodiment of being.

A conscious dance practice, Soul Movement Sanctuary offers the brilliant teachings from Soul Motion, Moving with Life, LetYourYogaDance, and Theater in the Flesh. In class, you can expect time to contemplate, time to warm up, time for a dance passage, time to dance with partners, time to witness others and to be witnessed.

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Jovinna dance


In-Person at Esalen Institute

7:30am - 8:30am Pacific Time - Soul Movement Sanctuary: A Conscious Dance Practice.

7:30am - 8:30am Pacific Time - YOGA

Live via Zoom
(Please note the schedule might change due to weather as I teach outdoors.)

8:00am-9:00am Pacific Time – YOGA

4:00pm-5:00pm Pacific Time – Soul Movement Sanctuary: A Conscious Dance Practice. Limit to 12 people only.

Cost for live class via Zoom:
Sliding scale $10 - $25


PayPal: [email protected]
Venmo: @Jovinna-Chan
Zelle: (413) 854 7383
By Check: Jovinna Chan, PO Box 152, Big Sur, CA 93920

Email me to receive the Zoom ID and Password

Jovinna’s Moderate Yoga video was AWESOME!

"I am going through professional and personal transitions right now and as I held the standing and backbend positions all sorts of emotions bubbled to the top! As I practiced in my living room, I had to take a few breaks to regroup myself. Hours later as I moved around my house, I felt my chest opened wider and sensed a relief throughout my spirit! Jovinna’s energy is infectious and I feel it thought my computer screen…. she’s a great balance of strength, courage and compassion Keep shining your light, Jovinna!!!" ~ Pia Serling

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MUNZ FLOOR is a movement practice that uses segmented spiral movement patterns to support the health of the spine. The movements are repeated several times very slowly. And the practice is done on the floor. Some of the benefits from this practice are muscle toning, increase flexibility and elasticity. Click here to read more.

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Classes are taught on Zoom. Maximum number of students is 5. Email me for the dates of the next series.

Four Week Series.
Every Saturday
8am -9am Pacific.

$95 pass for four classes.
$25 single drop-in

Are you in a different time zone and unable to join live classes? No worries.

Here are a few ways you can access my classes.

Classes on Demand

  • Classes curated from my Zoom archive.
  • Rental is good for a week.
  • Take a class now!

Moderate Yoga DVD

  • DVD copy available to support your home practice.
  • Digital copy for purchase or rental via Vimeo on Demand.

Free Classes

  • Practice at any time, alone or with family and friends.
  • Visit my Library of Free Resources


Not all yoga exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any yoga or fitness program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your physician and closely monitor your participation based upon your individual capacities. Jovinna Chan expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury, losses, or damages related to any program and the exercises and instruction it contains.


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