Soul Movement Sanctuary: Dance Into Joy

Soul Movement Sanctuary: Dance Into Joy

Dance is one of the world’s most ancient transformative rituals. From the whirling dervishes to the Shakers, the waltz to the rave, we dance for joy, cleansing, and clarity, guided by wisdom that transcends the thinking brain. This five-day retreat is an invitation to come together to celebrate our strength and resilience and to dance our way home to wholeness.

Through an alchemical combination of movement, relaxation, and yoga philosophy, we’ll reconnect our bodies and minds, digest our feelings and emotions, and open ourselves to the wisdom of our hearts. Most of all, we’ll expand our vision to include a bigger perspective on our spiritual and human interconnectedness.

Throughout this week, we’ll cultivate practices to help you:

  • Revive a sluggish nervous system.
  • Release fear, inhibition, and judgment.
  • Build confidence and creativity.
  • Manage stress and anxiety.
  • Trust your body’s innate wisdom to heal and guide you.
  • Cleanse from your core to your pores.

The physiological and psycho-social benefits of these embodiment practices will continue guiding you into the future. Allow yourself to be nourished by these healing and energizing practices, this sacred land and hot springs waters, and the friends you’ll make so that you may return home rejuvenated, eager to continue walking your life path.

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Soul Movement Sanctuary: Dance Into Joy

September 11–15, 2023
Location: Esalen Institute