What Is The Meaning Of Life

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

This is an article recently published by Excellence Reporter’s Nicolae Tanase.

Nicolae Tanase:

Jovinna, what is the meaning of life?

Jovinna Chan:

This question has been my guiding light in navigating the many dark times my Soul has journeyed. In Chinese characters, there are at least three ways to write Life: 生活 (shēnghuó),生命 (shēngmìng),人生 (rénshēng). They are similar and yet different in some ways. That is like the meaning of life, isn’t it? You can’t really nail it to the wall and say, “This is it.” It is a lifelong inquiry on our parts as to what it means to each of us as we grow and change.

In the past, there were times when I tired too hard to find the meaning from outside or from someone. And there were times I wanted to blaze a trail in the meaning of life. Now, I find the meaning of life presents itself to me when I take full responsibility of my own life and inquire into what Life is. Ultimately I am Life and I am part of Life. As I deepened my understanding of what Life is, it gives me the meaning to live. It inspires me to consciously live and model a lifestyle that reflects and respects the meaning of Life.

So what does Life mean to you? Mine is below.

Life is…

– A wild, non-replicable, and precious phenomenon

– A continuously changing, organic movement

– A limitless, borderless, mind blowing artistry of intricacy and multi-dimensional expression

– A free flowing, non-judgmental energy that breaks down and wears away boundary

– A vibrant, shape shifting element that births and consumes itself

– An intoxicating elixir called love

– Infinite, eternal and whole

– A potency web of connection to right here and right now

– An all pervading, uncompromising field of pure awareness

Many Blessings,