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Why Dance?

Dance is an intimate union of body, mind, heart, and soul. I’ve always loved to dance, and I believe we are all born dancers.  Each of us has a unique way of expressing the body’s beauty and creative energy. The expression of dance is the result of being present and absorbed in each moment. In this state of presence and absorption, a deep meditation naturally occurs, and “I” disappear. In this deep state of meditation, deep listening takes over and an unplanned series of authentic movement-and-stillness unfolds. The practice of staying true to the moment gives rise to the presence, beauty, and creative expression we call dance.
I am inspired to live my everyday life the way I dance in the studio.  It is a practice to stay true to the moments, to show up and move towards what is. The more I take the time to dance, the more I live my life fully.
Here are a series of photos taken by Jane Feldman in Central Park NYC.  I was dancing with a stranger who was on his roller skates.  He was really good!

Many Blessings,